Thursday, October 15, 2015

they got hitched!

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

hello alls! 

and selamat tahun baru maal hijrah semua. :)

and today's post is about my dear friend ina yang sudah berkahwin dengan jejaka impian beliau! so happy for you dear. majlis semua berjalan lancar, wedding yang sangat cantik, everything was so perfect! 

akad was done on thursday 10/9/2015. and i think it was perfect because families and both bride and groom can prepare for their big solemnisation day on Saturday (12/9/2015). the akad was held at ina's crib in seremban, sangat dekat dengan rumah mak aku. dengan sekali lafaz, ina is already somebody's wife! OMG!

and of course, ina is so gorgeous. seri pengantin tau. 

i yang rasa nak nangis. tapi ina tak nangis langsung. one tough girl lah u ni. 

the wedding that saturday was held at GMI, Bangi. pelamin Ina sangatlah cantiknya. and everyhting has been prepared by ina's parents and family. they have good taste i tell you. everything was so perfect! kalau aku tak kahwin lagi, i would love to have a beautiful wedding like this. dah terlambat agaknya. huhu.. 

the pelamin is actually all white, but the colours keep on changing because of the lights. how cool is that! above- pink at the right side, purple at the left side. below - vice versa. gila cool. 

and of course some drama here. 

we love you ina. hope we can go for vacations dengan lebih kerap. eh.

and last but not least, semoga perkahwinan ina kekal till jannah. and our friendship also kekal till jannah. we are very happy to see you happy and found true love. and of course, kami doakan supaya ina cepat dapat baby so that we can be the old and noisy aunties. but no rush, really. haha!

love you ina. 



  1. yeayyyyy!!! congrats to ina n hubby...

  2. "but no rush" - REALLY!!! hahahhaa..
    congrats juga iena.. auwww.. apsal aku yg touchy bace yg ko tulis ni juea? hahhaa