Monday, January 12, 2015

new year. adakah aku akan jadi 'the new me' ?

assalamualaikum wbt.

it is almost half a month of January. I have few resolutions sketched in my mind. should have jot down here so that I can look back my achievement throughout the year like the year before.

as for now, I can not sleep; a stupid car's alarm somewhere keep on bugging my sleep, I can not stand the sound. hence writing at 2.30 am on Monday! oh yes, Monday.

back to my resolution for this year. not much. so this year, am considering to travel more. kalau ada rezeki lebihlah. tak kisahlah di mana, dalam Negara pon okay for me. i love seeing people around the world, the culture, the architecture.

that is one.


would like to learn new language. maybe Korean, or Italian. sangat suka bila Julia Roberts order food d itali dalam Eat, Pray, Love movie. jatuh cinta. perkataan spaghetti pon sounds sexy. well as for Korean, I'm not into K-pop and K-drama much., but i think i have an easy excess to learn it(note: watching running man and the return of superman of course). nanti tengoklah end of this year bahasa apa yang dapat aku kuasai.

we'll see..


meneruskan usaha ke arah pengurusan badan. this time, my target is still 60 kg. and of course, consume more veges and fruits.


to live a happy life. enjoyable life. and jangan jadi hamba kerja. even though i'm not that workaholic before, i need to remind myself that not being a workaholic and have great weekends without thinking about work is absolutely okay. bukan bos aku yang bagi rezeki. Allah tu yang bagi rezeki.


to give more. especially to my parents. it is time. i am towards 40 now so i need to give more. so i can feel content. and of course, happy.


habiskan labwork, and start writing.

so i think that is all. nothing fancy. same old, same old. hopefully this 2015 wll give me a prosperous year, amen.



  1. azam tahun baru i: capai azam tahun lepas ;-) hehehhe.... x penah putus asa renew aam i ni...

  2. banyak je azam tahun lepas saya yang tak tercapai, sambung tahu ni pulak. hehe. good luck!

  3. dah terlambat ke? nak ucap, happy 2015! hehehhee

    1. tak terlambat pun ida. kita masih di bulan januari. hewhew.. thanks! happy new year to you to!