Thursday, December 18, 2014

trip to Boracay island - part 2

assalamualaikum wbt.

hola holi! aku happy sesangat ni dapat internet laju gila kat sini. sini tu mana? haaaaa.. nanti len kali kalau boring and ada masa boleh cerita ceriti kat sini.

sekarang ni tengah boring dan ada masa, kena update hal boracay yang tak habis cerita lagi ni.

day 3 in boracay; and actually kind of last day jugak lah sebab besoknya dah nak balik. thinking about going home and face the reality, is really a bad idea. terus rasa macam alaaaaaaaaaa... kenapa awal sangat kena balik niiiii???!!

ok emo.

so day 3, hafsah has already booked another hotel , deparis hotel for that day (and night). it's a hotel just in front of the beach! and sunsets! i am happy just thinking about it. haha.

so the plan is to go to puka beach, have some beach activity and leisure time. so we packed our bag, and walked to the de paris hotel which is not that far. in front of the hotel, there was a guy, dodok, who offered us a package for sea activity. both azmi and I would like to try parasailing and the package includes sailing on a blue sailboat. no kidding, with blue sail. so after some discounts, we agreed to take 15 minutes parasailing and 2-hour-sailing package for 1200 peso perperson (rm95).

the blue sail boat!

we went for parasailing first and a speed boat took us to the parasailing spot. azmi and i were the first couple and it was an exciting experience especially when the parachute started to go up. the view is perfect. plus, it is a perfect time to have a good 10 minutes chat with your spouse while enjoying the view. it was kind of a romantic moment actually. heee..

getting ready


reminder, if you are sea sick or afraid of height - consider not to go. but please try for the sake of 'YOLO'!

after parasailing, we got back to the beach, met dodok and he lead us to the blue sailboat. i feel like a rich girl already! it was an awesome experience, no engine, and the sailboat just sail with the wind. it was breathtaking, and we enjoyed the view so much! the kapitan took us to the unknown beach, took some rest, and then to the aklan beach, where we went for a sweet light lunch at the one and only mango shake stall there.

and there they are, the lost cowboy and the water ghost. haha.

and we found these boys having fun.

nearby aklan jetty. 

it took us around 3 hours sailing and it was great. i've never sail before and in Boracay, everything is kind of possible!

i feel rich already!

we arrived at the beach and we decided to go to the Willie's Rock first. Willie's is one of the trademark of the Boracay island. it is a volcanic formation that has stairs leading to a chapel at the top. it is a hotspot for photo taking, and the beach is amazingly beautiful with white sands and clear blue water. memang cantik gila!

great weather!

and us at the Willie's rock

next, we went to Puka beach nearby, with 15 minute ride by tricycle from the white beach. we went there at around 4 and greeted by these boys.

ok my husband and din are malaysian. tapi muke masing masing dah macam pinoi dah!

trademark puka beach. look at the sea behind us. cantik!

after some time at Puka beach, we quickly headed back to the White Beach as the time is almost 5. it was our last sunset in Boracay, nak tak nak, kita mesti kejar itu sunset!

we grabbed some late lunch at D'mall, and walked towards the beach. we managed to enjoy the sunset in front of the hotel. very very nice. 

sunsets i love you. 

we headed back to the hotel, had our dinner with the remaining Brahims, headed out for some shopping at the D'mall. that night, we have our massage appointment at my room with only 250 pesos for an hour. 

the next day, we packed our bag and had our breakfast. did some last minute shopping, at 9.30 am, the Southwest people came and picked us up to the jetty! 

i don't want to go home just yet!

well, on our way home, we rode a small bus to the airport. it was the best journey i've ever had i think, the bus' driver had this jam with all my favorite song. i was like crying with joy when all the songs from nickelback, third eye blind, the calling played through out the journey with this view.

macam mana la tak nangis. dahlah kena meghadap realiti dah. huhuhuuuu...

we arrived quite early at the kalibo. dont worry, kalibo airport is not as bad as we thought it is. once after we checked in, there are seating, lots of small shopping booths and free wifi. 

and that's a wrap!

good bye Boracay! you will be missed!


  1. wow cantikkkk!!! tak sabar nak plan ke sane wwiwiwiwiii ~

    1. silalah plan! and make sure check weather forecast ye sebab ada time monsoon jugak macam terengganu and kelantan beaches.

  2. subhanallah...cantik sangat pemandangan nya....

    1. pemandangan memang sangat cantik! terbayang bayang dalam ingatan..