Tuesday, December 30, 2014

end of the year

assalamualaikum wbt.

to be honest, this time aku agak tak sabar nak conclude everything yang berlaku this year. I feel so blessed, despite all the hardships, I survived. and great things happen one by one.

so here I would like to revised and looked back and summarized back my life in 2014.

as according to my new year's resolution for 2014; here goes.

1. travelling more
2. shed extra weight
3. eat healthy
4. 2 international conference
5. publish a paper
6. go to the UK

so for number 1,
aku rasa dah tercapai. for the first time in my life, I went abroad (Korea) and fefeeling tourist gittew. I was happy, because not just Korea, I managed to go to Philippines (Boracay), and Singapore. Itu pun dah kira banyak untuk aku. and of course dalam Negara, although not that much, tapi pergi PD sampai 3 kali tu dah kira banyak kot. first with the girls, second dengan office mate, and third dengan family.

and I really hope more great trips next year! wohoo!

number 2,
I did shed some extra weight. to be honest, berjaya kurangkan almost 8 kilos, but gained back 3 kilos. aku tak kira nak salahkan hari raya jugak! since raya, aku start gained weight and malas dah nak bersenam.. but I am thankful sebab dah berjaya kurangkan few kilos. and learned a lot of things regarding weight lost, and exercise and healthy eating. so the journey will continue insyaaAllah. will try to start again next year and hope to lose another few kilos! sikit-sikit lama banyak lah yang kurang tu kan. aku nak jadikan tahun baru sebagai kick starter. kita tengok macam mana nanti ye!

number 3,
eat healthy. Alhamdulillah, sebab aku dah belajar macam mana nak kurus dan hidup sihat, this year kira aku makan paling banyak sayur! serious! I also did some fruit smoothies. cuma tak berapa rajin sangat but its okay I think. clap-clap to me sebab makan banyak sayur this year. of course this journey is a continuous journey and will eat more veggies and fruits in this coming year!

number 4,
I did go to 2 conferences. not sure the first one is consider as international or not. but still, I managed to present one poster and one oral for this year. I am thankful for that! the Singapore conference is the best. more conference next year, insyaaAllah..

number 5,
publish a paper. well, not exactly publish a paper but this year, I helped my sv and friends in editing one paper. my name was on it. it has not been published yet. tapi ok lah ada satu on going. and yes there is one paper from my colleague, which I also contributed, so there's one published. hopefully another 2 to come with my name as the first author!

number 6,
go to the UK. actually, aku ada bercita cita nak buat attachment kat UK. but I have no result in hand, dan cita cita tak bersungguh-sungguh. tapi ada hint hint jugaklah dalam kehidupan seperti, Dina dah pergi UK, colleague kak siti pon dah pergi UK, my lab mate nurul pun dah kerja kat UK. even my sv pon dah berhint-hint suruh hantar proposal untuk ke UK.

but I did send the proposal tu my sv. tu pon recently. Got rejected, I expect that. tapi kita kena berusaha kan! sv suruh betulkan few things. insyaaAllah, kalau dah memang rezeki nak pergi tu, aku pergi. doakan aku ye!

so that's all i think.

more prosperous more positive vibes next year! can't wait to see you 2015!


  1. yesssss! sila pegi UK. nanti ko kat sana bole aku travel europe... ko bawak eh? good luck Juea!!!

  2. smg next year will bring more to us all... malu i nak wrapped 2014 i ni...ahahaha... semua azam tinggal azam je kot :-P