Monday, August 4, 2014

5th and 6th raya

we celebrated our extended raya at pnb ilham resort in pd with all the family members (we miss azmi here wuhuhuu) because azmi and i were not celebrating raya at kedah this year. the place is nice for family getaways, we booked an apartment with 3 rooms. it has nice swimming pool and near the beach. overall it was a great family vacation. get to meet 1.5 yo lily, my niece. always singing 'let it go' song. now can talk few words 'au'-cats, 'duck'-duck and 'ish'- fish. doesn't like sand on the beach and sea water. loves swimming at the pool. such a great progress lily! 


  1. zura, i was in PD sepanjang last week. Kalo tau bleh jumpa :-)

  2. yekeeeee?! betul tu kalau tak boleh jumpeee... :)