Tuesday, July 1, 2014

experiment yourself

assalamualaikum wbt. 
obviously i copied and pasted this one, because i am to lazy to change the font. by the way, would love to share with you guys. just try to experiment your lifestyles and see what happens. 
Take your pick.
1) Absolutely no social media 
For a day. A week. A month. A year. It’s up to you. The idea is to realize how much your life can improve without being glued to your phone or computer.
2) Throw away your crap
I bet there’s a ton of unwanted clutter in your room. Take the leap and get rid of them. It will feel slightly uncomfortable at first, but you won’t miss them. I promise.
Aside from clutter, you may want to consider getting rid of something valuable even. It could be your first car or your ex-girlfriend’s photo. The attachment could be weighing you down in life.
3) Go all out with a good deed
Don’t just drop a few coins for the homeless and call it a day. Go further. Buy them food. Talk to them. Give them a hug even. This is to help you know how real human life is and that we’re pretty much all one.
4) Buy an impromptu ticket to somewhere
If there was one impulse buy I approve of, it’d be buying a travel ticket. So do it. Travel is always exciting.
5) And travel alone
Do it alone though. That’s one awesome experiment on being independence right there. If you want to step it up, go to an exotic place you aren’t familiar place. You’ll return home grateful, guaranteed.
6) Take a break from your unstable relationship
If your relationship is on the rocks, then the solution is to take time apart and get some space so that you can start thinking in the right state of mind. This is obvious, but hard to do as feelings get in the way. Try it out. Your relationship will improve after that (and that may mean calling it quits).
7) Talk to a random stranger
Guy, girl, attractive person whose number you want to get, it doesn’t matter. Even if you simply smile at somebody passing by, checking their reaction alone is a fun experiment in the field of opening up others in life.
8) Walk
And make it a great distance! Forget public transport or driving where you can only see faces. Walk and appreciate your surroundings. It can be tiring, but it’d be worth the insights you gain from whatever you see. If you want to take a step further with this, do it without your mobile phone.
9) Write a personal blog post or Facebook status
Get out of your comfort zone and share a personal story. Tell others how you’ve changed and what you’ve learnt. Be vulnerable. The number of subsequent likes, shares and comments you get will make you think and grow.
10) Tell somebody you’re grateful for them
Do it on the spot. Do it even though they didn’t do you a favour or anything like that. The power of gratitude alone is best expressed when you show it to somebody who means something to you.
11) Go on a juice fast/vegetarian diet
I’m not an expert on eating green only or juicing, but I’m sure that’d be some good results in terms of overall health and energy. Just do your research. This experiment would especially work wonders if you’re constantly eating garbage like MacDonalds.
12) Absolutely no internet
Want to take it beyond a social media sabbatical? Go all out and stave from the internet. Who knows? You may find a new, offline passion or form better habits, like reading.
13) No coffee
Tons can be said on the benefits of abstaining from coffee. If you strongly rely on it in the morning, try something new. Your health, state of mind and mode of work can change for the better.
14) Don’t read the news at all
I personally don’t read the news because I find that most of it is just upsetting. Try being out of the “know” for once. Your overall happiness may improve. And you may realize how much you really don’t need to know.
15) Ask him or her out
No more mind games or whatever. Romance isn’t about games or trying to play it right. That is an experiment waiting to fail. Just ask them out and see what happens. Get it over with.
16) No videogames 
Just like social media and the internet, it’s worth a test to stave off the controller and online gaming worlds.
17) Send in an extremely different and creative résumé
Yep. Defy all the rules in the application process. I’ve read of people sending in résumés in the form of cups and even cereal boxes. That’s a sure way of standing out amongst hundreds of boring emails and documents.
18) Get drunk and create art
Many acclaimed artists have said that their moment of inspiration comes when they get “high”. Perhaps you’d be able to create your best art too when you’re in an elevated state.
Note: I’ll never condone taking drugs for the sake of art. I do think it’s okay to drink a little excessively in your own environment though. Still, please do everything in moderation. You know yourself best.
19) No alcohol
You’re just going to have a find another way to kick back and relax!
20) Offend somebody
Because sometimes, you shouldn’t hold back your beliefs or principles just for the sake of avoiding trouble. Stand up for yourself instead, even if that means offending somebody.
21) Try living alone
Let’s see how well you do when you try to take care of yourself and your shelter. The experience alone will do wonders for you.
Read more at http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/21-practical-lifestyle-experiments-you-can-conduct-for-a-better-life


  1. no 17 tu dah penah buat. tapi x ler sampai buat resume in cereal cup... eheheh...kalo mintak keje yg perlukan creativity that may be appropriate. Keje opis mcm i ni, i just submit resume with colored paper. But still pastel color. At least it stands out than other resumes yang in white ;-)

  2. i pernah buat jugak in off white color bukan color putih. tapi tak dapat pun job tu.. T__T tapi betullah kalau mintak kerja kretif kretif ni mesti seronok nak buat resume kretif kretif..

  3. Bab tinggal internet/social media tanak buat. Bab Walk pun tanak. Banyak yang tanak buat je dalam list ni.. hehe

    1. kak dot! bab soial media tu pun saya tak sanggu buat. kak dot logik aa dok jauh. saya yang dekat ni? hhehe.