Wednesday, June 11, 2014

coffee lovers out there!

assalamualaikum wbt.

coffee lovers out there! bergembiralah! haha..

aku memang mengakui yang aku agak addict dengan coffee.. tapi lately addiction aku makin bertambah mungkin sudah jumpa alasan baru untuk minum coffee. right now i'm consuming coffee with ganoderma and it tastes great! and it does help me in reducing my period pain. okaylah tu. ada alasan untuk minum coffee and reduce pain -> kira best lah tu kan.

i know that people talking about caffeine is not good for ttc. tapi boleh tak aku taknak percaya? it depends on you guys sebenarnya. bagi aku coffee is not that bad. there's no research confirmed that caffeine can effect fertility. kalau ada pun not that thorough and result is not that strong. alah, macam vaccination juga (yang kata boleh menyebabkan autisme - there's no absolute results on that). one research published in 2011 concludes that caffiein consumption by women or men was not associated with IVF outcomes (source: here) . i think the concept is the same. the bad things about consuming coffees is that the side ingredients like sugar and creamer. kalau ambil yang 3 in 1 tu, better be careful on the sugar contents. white sugar is the main culprit in our health. memang tak healthy. and creamer, i dont know much about creamer, but i think it is better to avoid dairy creamer as it contains so much chemical ingredients than the real cream itself.

and i might be bias because i am a coffee lover. so for those yang tak suka coffee tak apalah it's just that, stop judging people who drinks coffee especially people like me. minum kopi banyak sangat! patutlah tak mengandung! not nice makcik, not nice.. kopi bukan punca, its the caffein inside yang orang selalu debatkan. and caffein is not just in coffee je, benda lain pon ada caffein juga. masing-masing ada pendapat masing-masing so respect that, okay!

and i would like to share with you guys on understanding caffeine in a fun way. tengok video ni and u will never see caffein as bad again.

that's all for now. assalamualaikum.


  1. so agree with u zura...even though i'm not peminum kopi tegar (sikit2 je...), i do like coffee. like u said, bukan kopi je yg tak elok, benda lain pun, kalo dah excessive consumption akan jadi tak elok. berpada-pada la kan...

    1. yes, true. semua benda tak elok if amek in large amount. so far bila saya tengok and baca, no harmful thing happen if minum coffee.. plus, memang suka coffee so cari info sikit pasal coffee..