Tuesday, May 6, 2014

leggings, no?

assalamualaikum wbt.

this thing actually keeps on bothering me. sebab last week aku terserempak dengan fashion disaster yang buat aku sakit otak/berdarah hidung/mimpi ngeri.

i know most of you know about leggings. its the 'in' thing now. but not so much. sekarang trend i don't know, crop tops?

so last week, my friends and i were at this restaurant to have our lunch. it was crowded. macam-macam orang ada dari budak sekolah, ke mak budak, surirumah malas masak, mostly pekerja with baju kurung and all. but this one woman got my attention - in a bad way.

i'm not a fashionista or hijabista. but i think i know which one is appropriate to wear or not. i actually don't care how ridiculous you look with that hideous tudung or baju. maybe its your bad tudung day. aku selalu je macam tu. but as long as the outfits are appropriate to wear, i don't mind. as long as the clothes cover up things that should be covered, i'm okay with that. plus, that's the purpose of wearing clothes right? to cover our body? that's the main thing!

and this lady unfortunately wear leggings in a wrong way. i'm not an anti-legging person with the banner written 'say no to leggings, it harms your vajayjay'. i love leggings, which i wear it sometimes at home (in front of my husband/alone only). and when i was 10, i wore it to my dance class. but there are rules of wearing leggings when you wear it outside. its okay when you are at the gym or ballet classes. or maybe i am confuse with leggings and tights. mana satu ni?

by the way, this lady wore strikingly yellow leggings. and she wore it with a top and kind of tucking it in the leggings i guess? because one thing i'm really sure was that i can see her panty lines clearly! and i can see bulking fats, and PUNGGUNG (i wish i could erase that in my memory) and of course the golden triangle at the front (you know what i meant - wish could erase that to). it was disastrous. she on the other hands is young, and pretty but her fashion sense makes me want to bang my head on the table. doesn't anybody tell you that showing your **** to everyone is wrong?! even in you leggings?! i feel humiliated, disgusted and sad at the same time.

like i said before, there are rules of wearing leggings.

#1: leggings are not pants. you can't wear it and feels formal about it. for tudung people, you shall not wear them under you dress! layer dengan dress like you wear your stongan or inner baju under you short sleeve t-shirt - this one i still consider okay sebab sometimes i did it to, or some workplace they only have uniforms with short sleeve. but this one are leggings. tudung, dress, leggings, or tudung, blouse, short skirt, leggings, are the big no-no combination.

#2: leggings can be wear with button down shirt, ankle boots, long blazer - at least that's what St. martin says.

#3: LONG TOPS RULE! which means, baju mestilah lebih labuh at least bawah punggung. its common sense. siapa nak tengok punggung bouncing around when you wear crop t-shirts (or tucked in blouse) and leggings. adakah anda nicky minaj? do you love people staring at your bums? if not, wear longer tops.

*source with modification: ellecanada

the main thing is that, pakailah baju yang labuh sikit. i don't mind that really. tak kisah lah kalau leggings tu warna merah terang atau electric blue. but please wear them with longer tops. even mat salleh pon tahu how bad it is to show your bums and 'you know where' everywhere. its not something to be proud of. leggings are disastrous already because i don't see it functional when you wear it outside. but wear it wrongly?

major disaster.


  1. I don't know why some people r willing to be fashion victim... Takkan x sedar kot u r showing unappropriate part of your body kan.... I pity your eyes zura... Huhuhuhu....

    1. hahaha.. i pity my eyes to. kesian tau otak i berdarah...

  2. Napa ju-are tak ambik gambar! dok imagine ni ha entah betul ke tak.. hehehe ;)
    u take care!

    1. tengah makan kak. henpong dlaam beg. kalau henpn kat tangan memang ada niat nak amek gambar. tapii kalau ambek gambar nanti jadi ingatan sepanjang zaman, tak ke? heheheh

  3. Disgusting! That's the first word that came to mind. Ish, takkan takde otak langsung? Really no class. Some pakai leggings macam pakai jeans pulak.

    1. betul tu. leggings tak sepatutnya dibuat macam jeans tau!