Monday, May 19, 2014

korea trip - the beginning with a few tips.

assalamualaikum wbt.

i am so excited to jot down everything here about my trip to south korea! yes, south korea!

we spent a week there, starting from 9/5 - 15/5. i searched about the weather over there around may, but not that much. it is still spring, but not much flowers, the temperature is just nice around 20-25 deg C at day and 10-15 deg C at night. so, 2 layers of clothing is okay. and sometimes it can be a bit hot but windy.

we booked our ticket with Air Asia, what else! they have promotions/discounts around October last year, and we selected air asia go which includes accommodation in Seoul. well how cheap it was? we got around rm2200 for two people with accommodation for one week! well, we chose to stay at the cheapest place that air asia can give us, and nearby myeongdong.

at first, i don't have any idea about planning a trip to korea. thank God I have this dearest friend of mine who actually went there for the 4th time! Azmilia, you should open up a guesthouse for malaysian there like what dina suggested. lol! before this, she followed travel agent, and this time, we, decided to just 'terjah and redah' by ourselves. i think its cool to live like korean and eat like korean and sometimes wander around like a tourist!

thanks to her, she planned everything, from transportation, using subways, estimated expenses and places to visit. the estimated expenses were at first rm500++ per person. but we brought more, just in case. and we booked kimchee myeongdong guesthouse which i think is the most strategic place in Seoul!

something happened during the booking time, which i thought there's no need for me to have passport yet to book the ticket. azmilia did all the bookings and said that its a must to have passport number! this was my first time travelling to oversea, and my first time having a passport. Thankfully putrajaya is just nearby, i went to make passport the day after and managed to have it at the same day. that day was arina's convo day, my friends convo day, so basically that day i was back and forth from immigration offices in putrajaya to ukm and suddenly my car just decided to 'smoked out' where the charger thingy started to burn when i try to charge my phone.

but it was all worth it! sometimes things like this makes me feel like i am a superwoman because i can deal with all this!

okay back to the korea part.

i was literally start counting days for the trip since 7 days before. i was so excited! our flight was on friday, so from monday, i started to google around searching for places that i wanted to visit, food that i wanted to taste, and things that i wanted to buy. and also things that i should have bring.

packing your stuff

i was glad that we choose spring to visit South Korea (well not that spring, it was late spring). it was not that hard to pack things. few clothes and pants, a jacket and lots of socks! wear comfortable shoes. it was worth to invest a super comfortable shoes to walk around Seoul. even most of the Korean wear sport shoes, mostly Nike and NB.  i also brought lotion mustajab just in case for sore feet. alhamdulillah it was useful!

this baby is my best friend throughout the journey. super comfortable and tak melecet kaki. thank you...!!

some other things to bring are; wet tissue, dry pocket tissue, map of seoul (i got this from the guesthouse), hand sanitizer, empty bottle, a good camera, and power bank (to charge your camera) and phone (for posting your pics in instagram or facebook in real time) and travel kit (facial wash, bb cream, moisturizer, hand lotion, LIPBALM) and disposable rain coats just in case kalau hujan. these are all useful things to bring when u walk around Seoul, they are the must have items to put into your bag/bagpack. and of course, some korean won. we need to have t-money card to use their public transport. as for me, i slot it in my back pocket. and toilets around here are not like malaysia. so pandai-pandailah korang uruskan on how to do your istinjak (that's the use of wet tissue and tissue kering).

other things to bring are; universal adapter, chargers, korang punya barang-barang mandi and berus gigi and all, makanan segera, sudu garpu and tupperware extra. for universal adapter, it's actually quite hard to find it in malaysia (if sesiapa tahu boleh inform kat sini). we bought it at incheon airport, which cost us almost rm50! sebenarnya kat gusthouse pon ada jual dengan harga 5000 won je (RM15) tapi tak pe, we got 2 plugs. and boleh pakai lagi in the future. barang-barang mandi contohnya shampoo and shower foam sebenarnya ada je kat guesthouse so we are not using ours. and they provide towels but big towels on the first day only, while the rest, they gave small towels which was okay with us and i expected that. sebab banyak jugak guesthouse yang buat macam tu.

and because we are going to visit Namsan tower, which is famously known to have locks of love, do buy your own padlocks in malaysia. because, padlocks there cost around rm15/50 i think, so not worth for me. tapi padlocks diorang cantikla ada love bagai. depends.

i also brought a small notebook just to jot down the expenses, the wishlist, some places name in hangul (or guesthouse name) because people there are not very good in reading English (blend in bebeh, blend in). so if you got lost or something, you can at least ride a cab and show the cab driver the address in hangul and they can bring you to your guesthouse safely.

so for the food, i brought lauk brahims. azmilia brought nasi beriani/nasi ayam segera from brahims also (which i didnt bring because i couldn't find them in grocery store, boleh tak?). but i read from somewhere that i can buy instant rice there at 7 eleven. i also brought campbell instant mushroom soups, instant noodles, and snacks like biscuits. snacks are important sebab bila tengah-tengah jalan lapar, boleh makan. not all street food are halal to eat.

and lastly, for the coffee lover, it is advisable to bring more money because you will want to have coffees around Seoul. bersepah kat area sini. hee.

so i list down on what i bring throughout this trip;

  1. pasport
  2. toiletries (shampoo, shower foam, toothbrush, toothpaste); for toilet use (wet tissue, tissue kering hand sanitizer, botol kosong); for general use (lotion. lipbalm, yoko-yoko/lotion mustajab)
  3. universal adaptor
  4. disposable raincoats
  5. camera
  6. food (brahims, bread, instant noodles, tuna and snacks)
  7. power bank
  8. charger
  9. fork and spoons/ tupperware
  10. padlocks
  11. a small notebook
  12. subway's map/map of seoul
  13. wear comfortable shoes
  14. and of course appropriate attire according to seasons (in my case, lots of socks, a jacket, t-shirts and jeans)

there are lots of blogs for you to refer on tips to south korea. boleh terjah sini, and my friend hafsah and boleh je google jugak.

next post will be korea trip - day 1.


  1. nye!!! ni ladies trip je ke ni?

  2. hihi.. ni couples trip. ada 4 couple join this trip termasuk kitroang.

  3. wah, bestnya dear... mesti seronok dpt banyak pengalaman kat sana kan.. one sweet day, harap zana pun boleh ke sana..

    TQ dear visit my blog & tinggalkan komen.. zan atry utk cerita ttg gie langkawi tu secepat mungkin yer dear.. btw, zana minat nak tempah bantal dekat basketiers tu... kena emel eh dear? :)

    1. betul zana, banyak pengalaman best boleh dapat kat sana. tak semestinya orang tak gemar kpop (macam saya) tak boleh pergi. boleh tengok culture dan orang-orangnya juga tempat tempat yang best untuk tengok.

      zana boleh email kalau nak pesan bantal. thanks zana singgah sini!

  4. RM 2200 for 2 person include flight and accommodation..that really reasonable .. sangat2 la huhuu ..
    Pastu ada kawan yang dah expert sampai 4th kali dah ke Korea huhuu.. hebat - hebat hahahaa :D

    Bagus preparation macam ni... mog nyer berjalan seperti apa yang dirancang huhuuu :D

    1. hehehe.. that's why masa tu terus grab cepat cepat walaupun masa tu memang tak plan pun nak pergi pergi korea (tak plan tapi teringin nak pergi). and our wish came true! Alhamdulillah...

  5. Hi, nk tya , klu flight kol 8 pg kol bape kena ad kt klia2 tu?? Kol 6 sempat agaknyer?