Friday, May 2, 2014


assalamualaikum wbt.

FDR means Franklin D Rooservelt the 32 president of the United States.

and why do I suddenly talk about him?

because i watched Hyde Park on Hudson last night and it was a good movie. it was about a love affair between a woman and the president, in this woman's point of view. the scene was around 1939, and little that i know, i actually love to watch old-kind of movies or based-on-true-story movies. usually they are inspiring, even though the plot are not 100% true but i'm okay with that. it was surprising actually to see that i can watch and like them and in fact i cried few times at the ending.

watching Hyde Park on Hudson taught me something. that once; hot dog was a big deal for Britain. and it might be because they had this war against the German, which i think where the hot dogs came from. That FDR had few affairs, and a sweet talker. he knew how to entertain people, by being funny and making both the king and queen felt comfortable during their visit to Hyde Park. I just know that Queen Elizabeth's husband was a stutter, but charming. and even the queen was actually like a normal woman by always being worried and think to much. and i can see the husband/king was so supportive towards his wife.

but of course, it was all based on the movie. the casts did a good job on that. and bill murray? first time i watched him in zombieland, so i kind of laughing in the middle of this FDR movie, when i suddenly remembered him turning himself into a fake zombie and finally got killed because one the group thought he was a real zombie.

and surprisingly i am in love with the 30's song and i feel old about that. haha.

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so you guys, what are your favourite historic-based-on-true-story movies? 

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