Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Chai! I'm a rat!

assalamualaikum wbt. 

waaaah, seronoknya jadi orang malaysia di akhir dan awal tahun ni. banyak betul cuti! tapi this year, chinese new year jatuh pada hari sabtu pulak, jadi tak seronok sikit, kalau tak mesti raya sakan like last year, cuti sampai 4 hari berturut-turut!

dah pulak hari wilayah boleh bertindan pulak dengan chinese new year, same day, hari sabtu. not sure korang ni akan cuti ke tak hari isnin tu? not sure, i kerja di selangor. mungkin orang kerja kl boleh beri sedikit pencerahan?

one thing about chinese new year that i like the most is the horoscope readings. okay, i know this is kind of tahyul or what so over, but sekadar suka-suka je kan. it was nice to see what happen along this year, and maybe, we can be prepared. tapi biasalah, as for me, awal-awal macam ni je lah yang seronok-seronok nak baca. lama-lama dah lupa.

tapi its just for fun.

so for me as a rat, i got this from yahoo; would like to share with you guys; source here.

Good news as there will be little obstacles standing in the way for the Rat in 2014. For start, you will begin the year with a strong desire to explore your potential as you’re determined to achieve your ambitious drive this year. Therefore, if you have proper planning and maintain this drive throughout the year, you will be able to create good starting points for many significant endeavours – this includes improving your financial standing or maintaining a balanced physical or mental health.
While the year gives you plenty of good opportunities to materialize your dreams, you must first begin with realistic and grounded goals, and avoid aiming too high on the scoreboard. The presence of the Month Emptiness Star indicates the tendency to indulge in tall ambitions and a lot of other loft goals. This is especially important to bear in mind, in particular when it comes to your investment and other money-related activities. A whole host of such aspirations may be too much for you to accomplish and you may find yourself burning out – or even incurring loss, before achieving any goals. Therefore, pick financial objectives that are well suited to your capabilities. You can always find time to improve on or refine your goals as you go along.
This is especially true in view of your lackluster wealth luck this year. As such, being sensible has its benefits, particularly under such circumstances. You may find that certain events have pleasant beginning, but a favourable outcome to this initiation might not necessary follow through. For matters of finance and wealth, do beat it in your head that potential losses will happen if you’re involved in risky investment or business plan. Other than that, you must know that certain risks of misplacing your money exist, so it is better if you could put all your funds in a safe deposit or entrust friends or family to help you manage your money. 
Since wealth and income are closely tied to your performance at work, it is advised of you to be more proactive and independent in your workplace. Also, make it a habit to be meticulous and methodical in everything you do to avoid giving a reason for others to find fault in you. When it comes to switching job, there is no guarantee that the grass will truly be greener on the other side and you may be better off staying put.
Health-wise, things are not looking too bad, but certain precautions are needed to ensure you maintain a steady and balanced health in 2014. Pay attention when you’re behind the wheel, as injuries and accidents are likely. Like everything else this year, a favourable outcome can only be achieved only with an attentive mind, so be sure you be on your toes. As long you build your goals based on practicality and be realistic, there is no doubt you will be achieve them if you put in the proper effort and planning.

so there. rough year for me this year. important year for me also sbab cuba nak menghabiskan study ku. nanti kena review balik pencapaian and we'll see how.

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