Tuesday, September 24, 2013

diy elephant plushies

assalamualaikum wbt.

i'm trying to update basketiers as soon as possible. boring sangat blog lagi satu tidak berupdate, but first, i need to restock plushies and maybe add a little bit of something like elephant plushies perhaps?

so, do check it out from time to time. akan update dalam masa terdekat ni. *big smile.

and would like to try making elephant plushies like this one;

source here

and this is so cute! they also have tutorials you know. siapa nak buat boleh terjah link kat atas ni, and i'm hoping that i can make these cute stuff and up them on the basketiers!

so nanti bila dah up kan these items kat the basketiers, i will inform you guys here, and of course u need to follow that blog too so that you're updated. see you there!


  1. alo...kiutnye...hehheh...untungnya org yg tangannya berseni cam zura...

    1. tidaklah berseni pon st. sebab tengok orang buat jadi ikut sahaja. :)