Wednesday, June 26, 2013

hujung minggu, post bergambar.

assalamualaikum wbt.

just few pics to describe my weekend. hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.


making home made chilli pan mee for the first time! i am so happy, i am one happy eater. full recipe here. I used minced chicken instead of pork, and I used maggi mee instead of  mee noodle and I dont have sayur manis soup sebab tak beli. anyway, its delicious and definitely buat lagi. oh and for the first time i made 'poached egg' and mine didn't poached that much. the yellow egg was a bit overcooked. how to make poached egg here.


Its my mom's birthday. We've celebrated earlier, but this actual day, i just gave her the present and forced her to sew my shawl. happy birthday mom. Allah bless you and we love you so much. 

that night, I was with Azrina, Azmilia, Aisha, Maria, Syikin and few other boys. We have makan malam amal 25th anniversary Smak.l and yes we are ex-smak.l and we are proud. We listened to Nowseeheart, an ex-smakl who plays flute, and students doing their dikir barat in arabic. the best thing is i got to see the teachers, and the seniors!


The haze! and i decide NOT to go anywhere! i think this the worst haze that i could remember, even nak keluar rumah pun kena fikir 2-3 kali. 


Decided to stay indoor, tak sanggup nak keluar rumah! reading wedding night by sophie kinsella and because the main character works at a pharmaceutical company i feel involved. and this made me LOL!

'marriage is like an enzyme, it causes all kinds of reactions in a relationship, mostly the breaking-down kind'. how i wish i can write stories like this. every time break up je, nak sambung masters. sophie kinsella memang best.. :)

so thats all. jumpa lagi di lain post. 


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