Monday, March 11, 2013

little lily with her new toy.. :)


finally, I gave this scary litlle bunny to lily.. ayah dia kata ini toy pertama dia.. mak long is soo kembang hidong rite now.. haha..

Hello there..i’m a lop ear bunny..gelap sebab selalu kena panas..wuwuuu..

cita cita untuk hadiahkan lily a bunny dah tercapai macam post ini. it is my first handmade toys that i've ever made, susah sampai berpeluh-peluh dan buat dengan penuh kasih sayang, and mak long is willing to give this to you walaupun milo ni buruk dan konon nak simpan as kenangan..haha!

dont worry lily.. this is not the last one.. i love you lily..

tilt your head and said awww now.. hehe..

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