Monday, December 10, 2012

big bad wolf, sila tunggu aku

well this few days, many of us posted about their visit to the big bad wolf books carnival. i'm sure that this book carnival is much-much awaited as compared to pesta buku antarabangsa, no? and the crowd, i tell you, its crazy.

tapi tu cerita masa last year. masa tu bbw buat dekat tapak maha.

and seingat aku, aku pergi time lepas maghrib. azmi and i maghrib somewhere nearby and off we went to bbw. Alhamdulillah ada parking, but its quit far. need to climb few stairs, tapi masa tu tak ramai sangat orang..and by the time pukul 8, orang dah start ramai and crowded!

the truth is that, i didn't read half of the purchased book, yet. i'm not that book worm sangat pun. beli je lebih. sebab utama? there are other things i can do like surfing the net laaa, blogging laaa, watching movies laa, and i actually need a very special time to read books. and if i want to read books, it's better for me to read educational books dari buku yang biasa-biasa ni.

banyak betul alasan..

but to see most of the friends went there and bought books, aku rasa nak pergi juga. teruja untuk habis kan duit at least rm50 (6 books boleh dapat kan?). haha.. terpengaruh betul..

hmm, i need to start reading againlah. miss my old time - having a bliss reading books until 2-3 in the morning.

beli lapan buku, baca habis baru 3.. hebat sangat!

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