Monday, July 9, 2012

birthday wishes and durian kampung

last friday, azmi and i have been 'forced' by my parents to balik kampung. they will be doing buah-buahan feast at atok's orchard. the last time we have this orchard feast was almost 10 years ago. masa tu buah banyak sangat. and all the pak long, mak long, pak anjang, mak anjang, mak andak pak andak, cousins  , menantus all were there having pulut durian and manggis party. it was indeed a sweet memory with all the families gathered just like raya puasa. but years after that, there was no more buah (kalau ada pun sikit je), so usually if the fruit season come, pak long would bring them back to the house instead of eating and having a feast there.

so after 10 years, and married, dusun itu berbuah semula. dengan banyaknya! at first, the family (abah, brothers and sisters) had this intention of selling it (sebab kurang buah and there's no one to take care of it, plus, my grandfather is already passed away) and maybe because of that, pokok semua berbuah dengan banyaknya! (okaylah, not 100% betul pun..) abah and pak lang have already built a small hut, maklang made laksa and fried meehoon, mak brought her sambal ikan bilis, mak teh with her keropok from terengganu, azmi and i of course bawak perut sahaja. oh and my mom's friends were also balik kampung following us here in kedah to have this experience of having a feast in dusun buah..

so here are the pictures, seronok sangat tak terkata. it was soo worth it even just for two days. penat pun tak pa aaaih..hehe..

thanks for the birthday wishes, friends. and mom's friends aunty mazwin and aunty lake. sweet betul beli kek bawak masuk hutan and celebrate. hehe.. more pictures nanti nak curi kat aunty mazwin punya facebook..

that's all for now. till then.



  1. happy belated birthday!

    gosh, i missed it this year. urm, blame it to the field work, hehe. just got back from sipitang. i'll make it up to you, okay? InsyaAllah~ :DDD

  2. hehe dont worry ina...faham faham..thanks!

  3. mane ade kene forced...memang rela la...... walau pon penat tapi best... tapi x suke bile time jam giler......cane nk balik raye nnti..

  4. Encik azmi. Kita balik raya johorlaaaa taun ni..nk balik kedah keee??kekeke

  5. dah namenye raye... jam nye same je...utara ke selatan ke...nk kene pla bebetol...