Tuesday, June 19, 2012

type of person

aku bukan mahu membuat kajian keperibadian di sini. if anyone accidentally stumble upon this page and hope for a personality test,, sorry to say, tak ada..

as for my eyes, there are two types of person. a complicated one and the simple one. 

I've met a few complicated ones. ones that think to much, ones that don't enjoy life as much. ones that keep on striving for perfections.

aku tak kata yang jadi orang complicated itu tak bagus.. bagus juga.. like if we want to built a bridge, the simple minded one will like 'hoi bina jelah!' calculated few things based on what learned and logics, then wala! now you have a bridge. the complicated ones will think more like what if? what if the bridge falls down? the calculations are all correct, yes yes, okay, double check here and there..haaaa kan dah ada kesilapan tu, nasib baik check semula!

okay analogi yang buruk. but you get what i mean...

and usually people will recognised the simple minded one by by the laziness...semua nak senang, semua kerja nak buat kerja senang. sometimes, bill gate pun nak amek orang malas.. eh?

"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because, definitely he will find an easy way to do that " -Bill Gates.


bukan bermaksud orang malas = simple minded person. tak tak...aku boleh consider sv aku adalah seorang yang simple minded person BUT CREATIVE TO THE MAX! i am now supervised by THREE PERSON. lucky? yes, but each has his or her own individual personality. when i have this one result and show to each one of them, i will get two (one is busy) different opinions. from here, i know which one is the complicated one and which one is not. 

and the impact towards me is totally different lah because of different brain kan. on wil get me so tense and think about doing it from the start, one will tell me dont worry, lets figure it out why okay we can proceed to another way, yes, see you another 2 weeks, we'll see the progress..

but i now myself is the simple minded one kot, not sure. i do things in simplest way, tak caya tanya labmate. haha.. but anyway, just get creative, tu je. fikir banyak sangat pun tak guna. this time, people are in the phase of running here and there kejar apa pun tak tau kan. let's relax a bit, don't do work too much, enjoy life. be moderate. hah, apa lagi and have fun lah! 

bye bye.. ~

*mungkin nak cakap diri malas lepas tu back up dengan fakta kononnya..hehehe...

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