Thursday, March 8, 2012

parking sempit

i drove husbands persona today. and today i need to see my sv in uni. one thing about driving a big car (as compared to my kancil) is that finding a parking spot. u know when someone is too selfish they park their one car in 2 parking spots. know what i mean?

so when i went to the faculty, where finding a parking spot is nearly impossible and when it involves young drivers, or young girl drivers, with their brand new licence, and everybody is rich which one person drive one car, even being supported by ptptn money, i just went there and look for a spot. there was one, only one, and the only one spot has been conquered by a car.

memang what the betul lah!

i want to park and i'm late! and i just wish that i drive my kancil today, and i was thankful to have a kancil in this difficult situation. and thank God that when i drove around for the second time, there was a spot, small spot, which i'm sure when i park my car, the person which owns the car next to the passenger side will have a hard time entering his/her car.

i just park. and hope that the meeting wont take long. biasanya around 15 minutes. just updating what i do, and i'm not as academically brilliant to talk and discuss about what happen to the world today.

when i came back, the car was still there, but the bad thing is that my side has been blocked by a bigger car (sebelum ni kereta lain). i try hard to thin myself (ade ke ayat ni) and push myself into the car. nasib baik muat. just muat-muat. if tak muat then, i need to enter from the back door, and aksi panjat-memanjat for sure akan berlaku punya!

and off i go sambil maki orang kereta sebelah.

then i went to buy food nearby. outside the campus, where most of the working people eat there. and finding a parking spot is sometimes impossible especially during lunch hour. so yes, there were few spots, and i would like to reverse park may car which i'm really good at especially when the car is equipped with back sensors.  but suddenly i feel like, aik apesal bunyi bising gila tak masuk lagi dah teet teet teet? wth? rupanya side of the car adalah sangat sempit and feel like orang bodoh tak reti parking, perempuan pulak tu, bajet bawak kereta besar hebat, i park at the other side yang ada kosong which has a bigger space. easier.

I get out from the car, look back at the previous parking spot memang sahih, kereta itu melimpah ke parking spot sebelah. walaupun sikit je, but still it give impacts to me! it make me feel stupid. no wonder aku tak boleh park! hampehsssssque..

so the moral of the story is, please-please-please tengok iklan tv 1 kat tv. ada iklan dia parking kereta tu. iklan tu sangatlah benarnya. its not that you are the only one who has a big car. orang lain pun ada jugak, orang lai pun nak parking jugak. if you dont know how to park, sila jangan bawak kereta.

aiyoo..cerita pasai parking pun panjang berjela..


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