Wednesday, February 22, 2012

band stab pcr!

this is so cool! maybe i can do this tomorrow.

a band stab pcr.


oh, and this is another solution for my problem:

"Problem: Bright bands in well of agarose gel following electrophoresis [of PCR product].Possible Remedy: Such bands usually result from overamplification of the PCR product or from insufficient dilution of the product prior to electrophoresis. This is also a common result of amplifications from too much genomic DNA. Try diluting the template 100- to 1000-fold."

ps: work, work and work.

*update: eksperimen berjaye! haha...


  1. yup2. either dilute DNA template of reduce sket cycling. :DDD Good luck~

  2. oh ya, i forgot i have pcr agarose expert friend here! kenapa aku asyik fikir kau buat kryotyping? hehe lepas ni boleh tanya ko..;)