Tuesday, December 27, 2011

graduate student

just now, i checked my mail and i received an email from my sv with the title 'being a graduate student'. i panicked. dia ni nak sound aku tak jadi student yang baik ke?

well, i'm not a good student after all. being an 'old student' like me does have two possibilities, being loved by the supervisor or being ignored by the supervisor.

i choose to 'be ignored' sebab kalau terlalu disayangi nanti work load banyak. kerja tak ada kena mengena pun banyak. but wth, kalau workload banyak, paper dipublish pun banyak. nanti senang nak menempatkan diri di universiti sebagai academicians..

oh ye, about the email. it's not a love hate email, thank God for that. rupanya semua student beliau dapat email tersebut. there were links of website that give us tips and how to become a graduate student. hehe, panicked pun hilang dengan serta merta. terus kena baca link yang diberi dan harap dapat jadi grad student yang baik.

link yang diberi adalah:

the graduate school survival guide
how to become a great graduate student
what makes a great graduate student

ps: baca tajuk pun takut.


  1. haha..i dont want to loved or to be hated by anyone... i just want to be hidden, so people will not need to see me...ahahahahah..

  2. hola, anonymous.

    'to be hidden' is a great idea! its like you are nowhere to be found. hehe..then the sv will be so malas to give you extra work..