Thursday, October 13, 2011

life and books

first of all i want to describe myself as follows:

but yesterday was good, today is quite good.. hope everything goes well years ahead. 

meanwhile yesterday we were here!

and bought these:

and this:

and wonder if i have time to read all these..

have a nice thursday, folks. tomorrow is friday and the next day is saturday! (macam lagu rebecca black pule).  wohoo!


  1. ajue, murah ke big bad wolf sale? how much per book roughly? tringin nak pegi tp fikir2.. aydan? haihh hehe

  2. boleh kalau ko nak bawak aydan time weekdays sangat okay sebab takda orang sangat kot..

    satu buku rm8 okeh! sangat gila..

    nigela barker cook book dengan jamie oliver pun around rm20 sajerh!

    boleh shopping less than an hour sebab tak payah browse, terus amek masuk kotak je dan bayar.. :)