Monday, October 24, 2011


5.30 home. actually sudah lama berada di rumah. since 1 pm lagi. the fact that i have a slight fever, flu, batuk-batuk, dan air condition yang super low plus the 'ambiance' yang tak berapa nak segar membawa aku pulang ke rumah tanpa rasa ragu. plus, i am annoyed.

annoyed to the fact that i can't concentrate on my readings. annoyed to the fact that they earn more than me. the fact that they live happily ever after and i'm not.

then i drove back home, watched sex and the city (again) full sebab semalam tengok sambil memasak, and another round of bridesmaid. i feel better. my time will come, i convince myself.

'now you stop feeling sorry for yourself. don't blame the world for their problems. cause your are the problem and you are also your solution.'

'it will turn around. it will.'

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