Thursday, September 29, 2011

memories that we should laugh at.

even though my master has already passed with flying colours (flying colourslah sangat kan..) the memories of doing it still remains in my head. it was fun. especially when i read back phdcomics. com. yup, its the site again. i think i've already wrote about it here months ago.

after i saw this one, i lough out loud!

it triggers my memory where my supervisor treated me exactly like this. what i usually did was;

"prof, saya nak hantar minggu depan kalau tak, saya tak grad."

one thing about my sv is that, he's very concern about his student - to grad as soon as possible. that is definitely the positive part of him. and also, he's kind of a straight face guy who has lots of wild idea and sometimes you have no idea what is he talking about -i think maybe because it was to scientific for me to understand. heh.

so students, one tip from me, kalau nak sambung belajar, make sure you know your supervisor first. and usually, kalau student itu bagus, maka lamalah supervisor itu akan hold student tersebut so that he/she can do more labwork, and get more result and published more papers. sv juga yang akan dapat nama - and pangkat - and money.. this is true, but sesetengah sajelah. tapi ada juga yang baik, ada yang buat tak peduli, ada yang malas nak layan dan susah nak jumpa (or busy). as for my sv, he's sweet. and the best sv i've ever had. memang i sayang dialah! and he helps me a lot (during thicks and thins) until now.

ps: am getting to know my current sv. nervous.

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