Friday, September 2, 2011

1 syawal

a sneak peek of my raya day..

meet azmi the husband, me yours truly, abah, mak, mirah the sister and zam the brother. our first time celebration as a complete family after 5 years of not having zambrie around. and first time for azmi makan ketupat palas and gulai daging on first hari raya. ended up these two fella having sakit perut. apa la lu dua orang. jadilah macam perut i, perut besi..

by the way, even though i have 'perut besi' berlagak perut i lah paling kuat sekali, hidung i tidak sama sekali. every time balik kampung, hidung aku pasti mula berlari. i'm having a very bad flu, and sneeze whenever i was at home. bila keluar okay pulak. dalam kereta bersin balik sebab sejuk. air hingus meleleh-leleh tanpa henti. kleenex is always in my hand. but this year, i had one of the best solat raya ever because we all walking together to the nearby mosque (sebab sebelum ni mesti naik kereta) and we all walking with telekung dah siap sarung and saw few groups walking towards the mosque, feels like having a very true 1 syawal. sebab before this solat di surau rumah atok, beside not hearing any of the imam's khutbah and imam's takbir, the place was super pack. this time, masjid sultan abdul halim ensure that every makmum has a place to solat.

so that's a snippet of my story of 1 syawal. hope you guys have  a great syawal to!


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