Friday, August 5, 2011

process rage.

i've been into science stream since i was 16. i choose science because maybe i think that i am good at it. i think i can be a doctor, worse, i think i want to be a researcher.

i think that being a researcher is rather cool. i started to watch csi when i was 18 and seriously, the show was cool to the max! then i switch my plan to become a forensic scientist. then i realize that the course was offered in just one place, kelantan. and the job scope is limited, you must join PD.RM to be one. and i heard that the equipment here in malaysia is not as extremely good as we saw on tv.

real life csi is not as good as we thought.

so my result is not as good as it takes to become a doctor. so i took Biology, as you guys know on my previous post. at that time, learning science is quite hard. but it kind of fun when we had fieldwork and toured around malaysia. trust me, i know how to be like grissom, an entomologist, collecting insects, drying them, pinned them on an insect box, comparing with existing boxes made by our seniors and jot down those scientific names and the smell of mothball in my room. it was one of the most memorable thing that i did during my junior times.

once upon a time

and then i was exposed to molecular work. a DNA work, a csi work. i was happy! extremely happy! even though at one time, it was raining, it was almost 7.30 pm, and i was fasting, and i had no result after one whole day of doing it (and after one whole month of doing the same thing), i cried.

it was seriously hard.

but i still go on with it, until now.

ooh the main point is, maybe i just love to see blogs or any post which related to me. like this one. and checkout this cartoon (and look at the ffffuuuu part. trust me, in real life, the ffffuu part is excruciatingly stressful!).

pics from:

happy fasting and happy science, ya'll.

ps: next week will be meeting this one prof to see if i can manage to handle a big project, or not.


  1. hehehe, exactly! sometimes, it's bittersweet, sometimes it's just bitter...

  2. yeah,,thats is real science actually..only 'science' people knew..hehe