Tuesday, July 5, 2011


i'm in Ipoh rite now with my husband. surprisingly, after eight months of being together as a married couple, this is our first time having a small and short vacation together. is looking for a great place to visit around here. actually my husband needs to deal with some business here. so i tag along.

and no pictures sorry. just arrive here yesterday and we just went to ipoh parade for transformers and jusco for sizzling mee. stay in ipoh city hotel, nice view of ipoh town, near kedai mamak for breakfast. no astro in the room, layan cerita indon, stay alone, thank God they have free wifi here and i got my own entertainment with this one new book of mine by sophie kinsella, twenties girl. maybe i can start reading it tomorrow. besok hubby pergi kerja dari petang sampai tengah malam for sure..

so that's all..

oh yes, yesterday was my birthday and thanks for all the warm wishes. appreciate that a lot! :)


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