Saturday, July 16, 2011

i have work to do..

and my work describes never ending reading and typing. sometime i have this enthusiastic feeling over this reading and typing thing - stayed up until 2 - 3 am but most of the time...


there's pros and cons when having a home based work. the pros, you can save your car's fuel. you can save your lunch pocket money (because i cook or to lazy to cook and eat corn flakes instead - another pros: less eat) and you can go wherever you want to go without worries of sold-out-movie-ticket or hundreds of weekend shoppers. 

and the cons?

you will have this lonely-no-people-to-talk-to syndrome, you will be hungry, you will have less income (in my case), you will have boredom to death experience (unless you have kids), to lazy to do things, that loneliness will lurk inside you, munch your brain and suddenly you start playing farmville. the worst thing is at the end of the day, you just remembered that you do nothing and you feel like a loser, and make a new day resolution that you will do something tomorrow or at least read one page of a journal (in my case).

but over all, it was okay.


  1. Good luck babe! aku tak boleh buat kerja2 begitu di rumah. Nanti sekejap, eh macam nak hujan, angkat kain. Eh, apasal lantai ni kotor, vacuum kejap. Eh, kain tak lipat lagi, lipat sat.Eh, dah kol 12. Apasal satu benda tak karang lagi. Aisey aisey aisey

  2. hahahah! tu la mama..ade je keje merepek nak buat..kena gigih berusaha sebenarnye nih huhuu...