Sunday, June 26, 2011

one week of silence..

i'm a tad busy these few days. And yesterday was my last day there in that company. all the equipments were transferred to a new building 5 km away and we are kind of 'laid off' by the superior. they compensate us. i am thankful on that. the thing is, the project has already to an end and we are struggling into finding a job. And among the staff, there was a bit of 'not so good thing' happened. i feel betrayed, i am mad of course, and i just hope that i wont be seeing that person again.

and i'm glad that this thing is over.

while whining about not getting a single interview nor job, some people are kind enough, giving us recommendation of few places that offer a job to people like us. and question like "lepas ni korang nak buat ape?" is the 100th time heard by us. they are so kind. I appreciate that very much. when i heard about being a supplier (or being a sales person) can get as much as 4-5k permonth, it hit me like why not being one. but life is hard, i applied but no respond. so maybe because God has created a path for me so i just walk down that path and pray hard.

so, now what?

i thank God for giving me great friends and great mentors. i was offered a part time job. a temporary one, and i think it is good enough. it is good enough while waiting for a real job offer..and i am bless. thank you Allah for this rezki you gave me...thank you..

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