Saturday, April 9, 2011

heard of tumblr?

what is tumblr? honestly, aku pun tak tau but when people i followed mostly moved to tumblr and kind of not updating much in their Blogspot, i wonder what is great about tumblr.

nanti nak discover. sebab bila try sign up, email aku macam dah ada orang guna? that's weird lah kan. entah-entah pernah sign up tapi lupa. but heard that tumblr tu convenient sikit kot. and senang upload gambar? i don't know.

its not that i want to move to tumblr too. but just curious.

hee hee..

anyway, is reading hanatajima tumblr. nice. :)


  1. aku ade tumblr untuk photo yang aku tangkap. aku rasa tumblr ni macam blogspot gak tapi more suitable for short entry. most of people use tumblr for sharing inspirational quote or photo. nak tukar ke tumblr plak ke?

  2. thanks ina for sharing! anyway, tengok macam best jer tumblr. keh keh keh..nanti kalau rasa nak try, nak try lah.. hehe