Sunday, April 17, 2011

azalea's bridal shower..

date: 16 April 2011
vanue: fullhouse jalan yap kwan seng
theme: red and white

ina and i were the first customer that day! buat macam restaurant sendiri hari hujan pulak tu. and the waiter is nice. had a great time with the girls. great color. great laugh. great ambiance. great everything! looking fwd for another shower after this.... ;)

the menu
azrina and dina
ketibaan adah


the troop!

azza's invitation card!

yummy drinks and the marbles pop!

my food. 

the bride to be - AZZA!

me and suzy with the great interior deco. 

group photo ada kat ina. super nice. dah tengok dalam kamera beliau. and to azza, hope you like the gift! hope you love this party and selamat pengantin baru! seronok tau jumpa-jumpa macam ni..hope to see u guys again soon. and definitely bring my hubby here. untuk rasa lebih bercinta. boleh?

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