Monday, February 14, 2011

the sweetest song ever

i listened to this morning and they played 3 greatest love song ever. aku sempat dengar the second and the first one, truly, madly, deeply and my heart will go on, respectively. -oh ya, no wonder they played love song eh, today is 14th feb.

so, i sang loudly (in my car, driving along the side of Hutan Bangi which is my everyday road to work) and my head just remembering lot of things. things when my friends and i singing together the 'old' songs, our songs, the songs of our teenage time, one of it was truly madly deeply - along the way from kl to terengganu. then i remember our time in school, where we brought our walkman illegally, and then people invented a very small transistor so that we can hide it in our baju kurung pocket with small hole for our earphone and listening to hitz during morning assembly time.

my personal favorite love song would be truly madly deeply. it's like i am truly madly deeply in love with you, it's like i am truly madly deeply fall for you, it's like i am truly madly deeply want you. ain't that explains everything?

sudahlah bruno mars, lagu her eyes her eyes kau langsung tak sedap.. :p


  1. lagu her eyes her eyes (kelakar siut kalau title die cam nih~) tu sedap la wooooiii~ kekekek.

    tapi memang best arr savage garden. teringat kat skool dulu time abis exam, bawak radio gi class, pastu keluar la segala n-sync ngan bsb, aku ngan amy kerja menyalin lirik. berkerjasama tu, aku tulis 2 baris pertama, amy tulis baris seterusnye. aish memory~

  2. uish, memang memory. aku ada buku lirik juga. aku rasa semua orang ada kot..

    ya, bsb paling utama, kalau nak ingat malu sendiri. ade ke patut aku yang rock minat bsb? :P

    memoir weh!