Thursday, February 24, 2011

just some MAGGI..

with egg, carrot, capsicum, sausages, crab stick..oh i'm hungry already!

i'm addicted to instant noodle since, hurm..... 10 years old? yeah i remember when i was around 10 or 11, i sneaked out to Yu Hong (a very small department store - we didn't have any groceries store back then) to buy maggi mee. i hide it in my room. ate it when my mom was not around. then, i went to boarding school where i can have my stock without mom's supervision! God knows how happy I was. maggi rendam air panas! the best thing!

and my friends also know how addicted i am. i think they have several photos of me eating maggi. i remember i brought packets of maggi to teluk batik, perak. so that i don't need to spend on food there. and ate my maggi in the bus! siap ada air panas beli kat kedai noks! no wonder i forget things. people said that meggi can make you forget things after few years. well, during matrics time, i met azza again and everything she told me about our memoir in our school - i just couldn't remember it! so they call me amnesia!

well, i prefer to call my self 'short term memory lost'. and maybe right now, i don't think this maggi make me forget things, i can say that i just to lazy to remember things. poor me, semua malas.

but i can say maggi is a legend. just love it no matter what! especially mamee perisa itik! haha!

p/s: we call maggi mee for all instant noodle that we have in malaysia. so, doesn't matter mamee ke, ruski ke, ibumie ke, semua nak panggil maggi....even kalau rambut kerinting pun panggil rambut maggi apa kes?

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