Thursday, January 6, 2011

what is viva?

viva is a condition where a student needs to spill out all the knowledge to the examiners after years of study, where the heart pops out of no where, where the cold sweats roll from the brow, where the butterflies suddenly flipping their wings 120 times per second in your stomach, where the examiners ask nonsense question and expecting the student to answer it confidently - and it is between life or death - grad or no grad.

i scared like hell..

12 hours to go..


  1. weih, time aku post comment ni, mesti ko sedang bertungkus lumus menjawab soalan soalan. bila ko baca ni plak, mesti ko dah selesai and hopefully you have done well. I'll pray for you!

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  3. fasya: tulah aku patut letak cara nak sebut tu ek..haha..

    ina: thanks! alhamdulillah, everything went well...dah lepas and lega semuanya! dah jom pi broga..haha!