Tuesday, January 18, 2011

updating the thesis - corrections.

i have 2 weeks to go. minus holidays and weekends tinggal maybe dalam 4 hari lagi? ohh! habislah, kena bersungguh-sungguh ni..

anyway, i like writing up. okaylah boleh kata research is my passion. i like doing series of labworks then report it. ecewah macam researcher sejati tak? but it's worth lah kan kalau dapat publish at least satu journal - i mean international journal.

as for my research, journal boleh publish, yes, it is in the evaluation form - the examiners also agreed that all my work can be published somewhere. of course, it is a master thesis, at least something can be published there. tapi sebab aku tak confident, hanya mampu publish paper dalam negara je. betapa seronoknya rasa hati BILA nama aku tertera dalam google scholar. it's an achievement - really!

okay, sign out. need to finish correcting and updating my thesis.. :)

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