Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the story of us

early morning with tears is not good at all. nope, the husband and the wife are not fighting, but the wife is watching a movie that makes her cry.

yup, i am not a teary person. i can isolate my feelings like "hey, kesedihan, jauh kau dari aku" or "hey terharu, pergi main jauh-jauh" so that i wont cry, because i hate crying. tapi menangis itu kadang-kadang sangat melegakan kan? but it is so embarrassing! :P

well the point is, when it comes to sad movies, sad stories, and my pet death - i can help it but cry. like oli's love story, the death of ADAN, like 'the sister's keeper', 'ps i love you', and the latest 'the story of us'.

they show you that life can be hard, life can be upside down, life has no happily ever after. they show you that you can be like that too, it depends on you how you can handle it, and can i handle it?

they show you life might be nearly happily ever after with a series of fighting, misunderstanding, loveless moment - sometimes we just forgot.. we forgot to love, and forgot to see things beyond that, we forgot why we love him at the first place.

i learned something useful today...


  1. erm, masa ko nikah pon ko tak nangis. aku yang rasa nak nangis, hehe. i have a lot of tears to cry. i can cry without reason. i don't think it's embarrassing but it's burdensome since I'll ruin my make up, kekekek.

  2. that one of the reason jugak lah - even aku tak make up pon ..tehehe.. susahlah nak lap air mata...:P

    that nikah event tu, i did that isolation thingy. aku fikir bunga berkembang kot! boleh tak?? ;P

  3. Many years ago, aku ingat kau menangis disebabkan semut. Hehehe :P

  4. @yah: lol, even though i didn't witnessed it with my own eyes, the story of ju-are vs semut memang kelakar. patut jadi hikayat smakl turun temurun~

    @ju-are: great tip! aku pun nak pikir bunga berkembang gak lah nanti~

  5. ina - Yes, kalau one day we decide to publish a book/blog regarding our years in SMAKL, I will pen that down. Hehe

  6. Ina - Btw aku nak komen dekat blog kau, tapi tak boleh since I have to use either wordpress/blogspot etc id. :(

  7. @yah: okay, dah change setting. try leave comment yer tengok boleh ke tak.

    @ju-are: kekekek, tumpang blog ko cakap ngan yah, boleh?

  8. ok, aku tak kisah pun korang nak chit chatting kat sini..terkejut seh tengok komen sampai 7? banyak kot peminat..bahaha!

    anyway, itu semut memang tahap tekanan perasaan maksimum!!. tu pasal menitik air mate..


    by the way yah, if you have any blog ke nak citer-citer about zaman smakl dulu, nak jot down peristiwa aku ngan semut persilakanlah kot! aku redha ajeee...kekekek...