Tuesday, December 14, 2010

please watch 'chef at home'

usually early in the morning, I will woke up and prepared breakfast for my husband. but these few days, there was no breakfast to serve (or cook) -we are broke, no kidding - but i did shirt ironing for him.

but that's not the point. every morning, after saying goodbye to my husband (note: good wife ;P) i will do all the house chores like sidai baju, siram pokok, kemas ruang tamu and watching chef at home which is on air every day at 8.30 am. but sometime, i just turned on the tv and had my shower and just listening to it made my day. secretely, i like watching cooking programme. but this chef at home is different!

he cooks simple meal that looks complicated, for valentines, for cookout, for kids, for every occasion. and besides cooking, he gives tips and whys and how to. he gives simple explanation of something complicated like cooking yeast, bake cake and bread. as a so called scientist, i want to know WHY instead of HOW. that's what he did.

so instead of tossing everything inside that pot, he gives the WHY. why do we need to put that sugar with yeast (yeast again) why do white sugar and brown sugar give different taste in your food, why do we need to wait until the oil is feakingly hot before frying your chicken (okay, i dont know that). so it is very usefull to me...!

so those who do not know how to cook, those who don't like to 'remember' recipes, and love experimenting, please watch chef at home. if there's other cooking programme that you guys wanna share with me, please! i nak menimba ilmu rumahtangga..:)


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