Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the flowers are blooming!

oh so nice.

lebihan bunga boleh buat letak kat tepi tv... ;)

siapa setuju kalau aku kata bunga segar adalah sangat best! aku setuju aku setuju!

so instead of letak bunga plastik, it is much much better to put fresh flowers as decos in your house. fresh flowers do give;

Emotional Impact

  • According to an April 2005 Rutgers University study, flowers bring about positive, happy emotions and a general sense of well-being about life.

  • Medicinal Benefits

  • Flowers have healing properties. For example, roses are used extensively in the alternative medicine area for their ability to ease digestive issues and promote healing in the liver.

  • Mental Health Benefits

  • Fresh flowers also have an impact on your mental health. According to the Harvard University Home Ecology of Flowers Study, individuals have lower levels of anxiety and depression upon viewing fresh flowers, particularly in the morning.

  • Read more: Benefits from Flowers |

    then how to say no to fresh flowers?! hehe..ok pergi kedai bunga sekarang...:)

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