Friday, July 16, 2010

love facebook

i do not know that there will be a movie based on a true story of FACEBOOK until i found 'the social network' on nuffnang. i've already watched the trailer and i just love it! love it! love it! haa kan dah ulang tiga kali..

is it maybe because of justin timberlake (yup, beliau berlakon juga ye)? haha, nope. i just love 'based on true story' movie. so i might watch it this november. so, anybody who loves facebook so much, i think you guys should watch it! It was directed by David Fincher, the social network tells the story behind the two founders Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake). it might be inspiring. i'm sure i'll watch this.

so marilah tonton. jangan asyik tau main facebook saje! just wait until november.. :)

thanks nuff!

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