Thursday, June 3, 2010

kluang in June

that monday, my heart was very eager to start this journey. it was not an ordinary journey, it was my first outstation since i work here. This is also my effort in contributing 'something'. at least i do something big here. and i hope it will turn out positively. We are there for the blood collecting programme.

it was also 'a walk to remember' journey. i had my practical here back in 2005 and it was a memorable and unregretable moment. i learnt a lot of thing, i was dealing with the livestock! the views are magnificent, the smell is unforgetable (livestock shit smells nice :) bahaha) and love the experience! now i think i have multiple field knowledge. i have been into different kind of experience since unis life until now. :)


siap kau cow!

yeah! blood sucking makcik. selamba je beliau ambil darah.

me at the field. seluar penuh tahi dan darah! smile girl!

working in the lab doesn't mean you have to be in the lab 24/7. field work is fine with me. infact, i love field work very much and i still couldn't understand myself WHY do i choose labwork based research still. mungkin kerana karma. i don't know. but still, i love science to the max. call me geek tak pelah!

blood collection programme was successfully done and i really hope that i can be here again. i'm gonna miss you cows. hehe..

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