Friday, May 28, 2010

we belong to you and me

i should find a way to have an internet connection so that i can stop whining about not updating and missing my blog like crazy. and i think it is a big desision when i need to spend at least rm50 per month to pay the fee. no i don't want to hang out at mcdee and poyo giller bawak laptop and play facebook and updating blog. tak mo ah!

last week, we were having our annual meeting in EQ. nice place, nice food. honestly, i have not much contribution in this meeting, so i become a photographer 'tak bertauliah'. so here are some pics.

and nice buffet lunch to.. tak ingat nak amek gambar..anyway, this meeting bukan aku pun yang nerves ke hapa, so memang have fun habislah beside listening to all big shots sharing their thoughts. aku dengar je. and take notes sikit sikit. memang first real meeting ever lah!

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