Tuesday, April 20, 2010

politik kerja? huh?

no i dont want to talk about it. and i don't want to involve in one. but this thing is starting to bug me. i feel weird.

i was not in a real job before. i was a student, am a student. and i have a circle of friends which are students too. so, when we are gossipping with each other, it was just circulate among us. it did not effect us, because we trust each other as friends, a close friends. no backstabbing, no nagging, no hating, 'NO BOSS BODEKING'.

i didn't say directly that 'office politics' happens here in my place, but i can see that it'll happen to me to. i need to choose, i need to be smart, i need to be moderate. honestly, i hate politics in the workplace, i hate politics, to be honest. and i'm sure if i take the wrong way, i might be hated or loved. and i don't want both. i just want to work and get my paycheck every month.

looks like i should google on office politics for precaution..! gaah!


  1. 'Office Politic' is a norm in any organization and even in our daily life without we realizing, hence we should play with politic wisely...

  2. i know its a norm helmi. i just dont want it to be sooo OBVIOUS! :)