Monday, March 15, 2010

she e-mailed me..

its been a long time since dr K and me exchanging emails. last time was november last year. and this year she is in JB but i'm not there. oooh! i really want to meet her!

when she emailed me just now, i immediately replied telling her that i am in kl, working and i really want to meet her, if not here in KL, i probably could come to JB but just on weekends. suprisingly, she have something in KL one of the weekend so we can meet here. awwww...that is so suweeet! now i know how committed my supervisors are..there are so cool..i'm touched!

i remembered the first time i met her, i was so scared, i speak broken english, she never discriminate, she always said well done in every little thing i did and gave a lot of idea in my work. truly said, she is the one who gives all the ideas in doing all those labworks. and she always open a way for me to continue my path during my time doing master degree.

so i am looking forward to meet her and show her my my rough thesis. hopefully there will be something to publish. unfortunately, this is her last trip to malaysia. i'm gonna miss her. :(


  1. dr kartia... we love u... minah saleh yg soft spoken sehingga aku tak dengar ape die ckp.... hahaha

  2. not kartia laa katya..dia memang sangat soft spoken and sangat keibuan..

    we love you..