Sunday, March 7, 2010

preparation for the orchid day..

remember remember i told you about my busy day? i told you about me being a volunteer remember remember (huh gatal nak suruh orang ingat jugak..)? yup, tomorrow is the day where oli and i will be selling orchids at imbi station! wehee! i don't know how to sell or how to promote, but i'll try my will be a new experience for me..!

five stalks of orchids just cost you rm10

i was also helping them to pack the orchids last thursday, and draged my mom along on friday at the center (BCWA center). it was tiring but being in a place with loads of beautiful flowers and thinking of helping them in need made me happy. the orchids days are being held now, three (i heard they are extending to four) days from friday to monday.

so friends, people who read this blog, everyone, if you see those who wear pink t-shirt selling orchids and the breast cancer awareness merchandise all aroung klang valley, do buy at least a bouquet for your loves one, or for yourself and feel happy because all the money raised will go towards funding BCWA's work in providing and enhancing the psychosocial support for women affected by breast cancer, educating the public on breast health, equiping women with knowledge and awareness on breast self familiarisation (huh, its copied from the brochure).

and like i said just now, do feel free to meet yours truly (like i'm a rockstar or something :P) and buy the lovely orchids at imbi monorail station (other station also can one), and i will be wearing a pink t-shirt, maybe pink shoes, and pink tudung, and a pink wig and holding a basket of orchids.

so come and support them!


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