Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not in a good condition

i am having a very bad allergy reaction here. my face hurt, i can feel the mucus inside my face, and it hurt so bad and headache, running nose, i can't breath so well, i can't even taste the food. i was away to my kampung, meeting all the relatives because we have some sort of kenduri. we stayed in our so called fully furnished 'rumah baru' and it is very nice with the all new gate and awning, the house is very nice.

but the weather;

it was hot! it was raining only once for maybe 10 minutes, the fans were always switched on with the highest speed but still we can feel the heat. and i can't stand the mosquitoes! oh my God! maybe because of the heat and all the lalang next door (nobody lives next door) and shit i don't know why there are so many mosquitoes there. and my dad keep on spraying around the house and i feel like i'm the one who is poisoned by the insectiside. i had a sorethroat , that is the sign.

and not to mention, i'm allergic to dust. so my days in the new house was really not a great time for me. but meeting with all the families did make my days.

the cutest ever!

not in the mood. happy march everyone!

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