Wednesday, March 10, 2010

moderate cold

seperti biasa tajuk tak ada kena mengena. ada aku kisah? tak ada..

i am in Jb rite now, doing so called 'kerja buat titisan terakhirlah konon!' so need to finish all of the business here before i start my career life (ceh career life). i admit that i miss all the scenery, miss all the annoying guards and the annoying bumpers, and miss the friends the people whome i used to see in ce.pp saying hi and 'eh lama tak nampak' 'eh bila sampai' 'eh oh eh'. and the first person i met when i arrived there was my supervisor. he even surprised to see me.

so today, early in the morning, while i was walking from ce.pp to the faculty i actually enjoyed the scenery. the birds are chirping, the fresh smell of the humid air, small drops of rain on my face, the greens of the trees for the eyes, the calmness. there is no other place like here. refreshing! then i know how much i miss this place again..

so there, i'll be back to kl tomorrow. don't know when will i come here again...

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