Monday, March 29, 2010

hari ini balik awal. rasa nak shuffle sekarang..

i supposed to meet Dr K today. she should be coming to, visiting my lab and maybe interested in joining us. but that didn't happen. we talked through the phone, and we agreed to meet at hotel nikko at 4.30 pm..

because i am new, and i'm quite afraid to ask for a short leave, and at the same time i really want to meet dr K. so i dare myself to meet the manager and ask for a permision. rasa macam serba salah pun ada sebab nak mintak keluar pukul 4. then she asked 'sempat ke balik sini semula?' 'saya akan balik sini semula' aku kata dengan penuh konfiden.

'takpelah, you balik terus lah' manager macam redha. i feel guilty but i promise i'll come 1/2 hour early and home a bit late! i promise (tak la i cakap macam tu.. dalam hati je)!!

so i drove to ampang, looking for niko hotel tak jumpa jumpa. i drove around ampang, rupanya dekat gile dengan klcc. aku sudah gelabah, it was almost 4.45pm. i promised to meet her at 4.30..ArrRgH..

so there, i meet her at the lobby. just for 10 minutes, i explained everything about my thesis talk about my work a bit, and my future (ceh my future). she actually wants me to continue phD abroad. she even gave me a name of a potential supervisor. she just beleive that i can do better than being an RO..

awwwww... that is why i like her so much. she believes in me and she helps me a lot..! everytime i see her, she just show me the way! i wish all the supervisors are like her. tak semua macam tu..:(

so now, i dalam dilema. it is good to study abroad. it is good to gain more experience and strive to become a dr or a professor. niat dalam hati memang nak sambung belajar lagi tapi....

huhu..what say you?


  1. pegi jelah zura....dah ade peluang....huuuuuuuu...

  2. sudah decide.mungkin akan hold dulu..;)