Wednesday, March 24, 2010

do this miss that, do that miss this..

it's been almost two weeks working and i realize that i like this job. the time is flexible, i can eat at my own desk, i can wear jeans.. i do labworks, read journals, manage all the purchasings, same old thing that i did last time in but this time, i'm in kl, staying at my own house, sometimes drop by to see encik azmi on my way home..

but i do miss the safety cabinet, pipettes, cell culture works, the cells, the incubator, the plate reader, the OLD autoclave machine, liquid nitrogen tank!

but back there while doing all the cell culture thing i did miss my lab during my undergrade era, i miss the molecular work, the pcr, the PAGE, the gels, the stress! the baaaandss...

and when i dealt with the bands again, i miss the cell pulak..

that's why i said, do this miss that, do that miss this..


  1. babe..glad to hear that you love your job..lucky u...

  2. lucky me laa..tapi nak menghadapi jam tuh boleh nangis aku..