Friday, March 19, 2010

blogging di tempat kerja adakah ia salah?

well, even the facebook is like a taboo in certain offices, maybe blogging can count as one to. i heard from oli that there is one guy who get fired because of a blog. know why? because he blogged about himself doing nothing while working and you are free to do other stuff like blogging and facebooking, something like that. my response? of course la terkejut kan. should be more carefull this time. i dont want to lose my first real job here.

and of course, siapa suruh mamat itu complain mengenai diri sendiri tak ada kerja. i mean, if u really do not have any work to do, should you published it? tak takut ke nanti bos baca? i even afraid if my boss or even my colleagues know about this. it is personal, it is another side of me.

and another one is facebook. personally, i hate facebook. i just opened it just to get 'networked' with friends. i used to play all the farmvilles and mafia wars in facebook. and i discover that i'm not that kind of person who commited in doing something unuseful. lainlah kalau aku tanam dapat duit dowh! and because of facebook, i have been 'kantoied' by my boss and dem sudah kena sound. shouldn't have done that azurah! should'nt have done that...

so, as for the question above, obviously salah lah! except for the one who 'work' as a fulltime blogger then suka hati u lah. even a blogger can count as a career rite now. best nye kalau career aku adalah blogger kan? i don't have to think about the congested roads and a new way (without facing the toll and the shortest way) to home.

ok, dah pergi buat kerja sekarang..!


  1. hehehe.depending on the person,,if they can sope work and also harm at all i think..if the other way, keje xsiapla..keje wat lambat la and so on..tggung sendiri..make sure ur boss never know about it..fb pun sama jgn add bos kamu kamu..hehe..daa

  2. erk.....mmg salah, tp kalo dah nak tgu chromatogram sampai 30-40 minit..boleh kot nak bukak blog n facebook..hahaha..lagipun tmpat i tersorok....

    xpe, yg penting keje SIAP~!!!!..hahaha

  3. there's one thing..

    kalau tempat tersorok memang best sikit...tapi kalau tempat yang terang-terang nampak dek bos haa habes..

    you both are correct! yang penting jangan kasi bos nampak and boss add kan?!

  4. fasha ni keje mana duk tgok chromatogram?guna gcms ke?skali sama daa

  5. haha..julie tengok chromatogram jgak ke?samelah kot korang tuu..