Saturday, February 6, 2010

yesterday's art project runway (tiba-tiba)

hi peeps! i'm back to normal. yey! i woke up at 6.11am today thanks to encik boyfriend AGAIN because he called me from UK. it was 10 pm there. so, besides going to and dropping off my resume there (hopefully they need RA's) i did these handmade cards to kill the time.heh..

it's our seventh aniversary and i made a card for HIM..i've always love the edwardian script because it has the name of EDWARD there, haha, nope, it looks rich and romantic..
it is a simple card and i love it so much! see the stamps?
i also made a new rubberstamp yesterday. i saw this one wedding card (i couldnt remember where) and i'm inspired from it to make this;
and stamp it around the wordings.
or both top and bottom of the card..
and this one i tried with my ugly rose rubberstamp. it turns out nice!
i was bloghopping until i came to this blog: where we can download card designs and some great DIY..just print it out and print it again with any wordings you like..(i dont know hoe to edit directly from the pdf file).
so, there goes my day..and today i think i need to buy another set of erasers. i'm out of it. this thing make me addicted!


  1. ko dh bleh buat bisnes card online la.. 'Handmade Card'.

  2. haha helmi. aku rasa ramai dah buat..ade ke nak beli kad aku ni...huhu (memang x yakin pada diri sendiri)

  3. sgt simple and sgt menawan..sukee :) meaningful sungguh tulisan yang awak pick :')

  4. thanks minona!..itu dalam mode jiwang tu..hehe