Friday, February 5, 2010

mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!

oklah, i happy sangat sebab;

see the time? 9.59 AM ! i woke up at 9 today. weehee! this is because i counted sheeps before i slept and at first i imagined edward cullen hopping across the fence, but he looked weird and i just stick to the traditional way, wooly white sheeps. they were cute and i just fell asleep after that. i never thought counting sheeps would be worked!

so thank God for that. it's an achievement for me.

and thanks to encik boyfriend. he was the one who asked me to count the sheep and i wasn't listening to him until yeterday..



  1. Bagus la ko dh kembali normal... : )

  2. helmi, ko rajin leave comment ye..aku sukka! tahniah kerana kembali aktif dalam arena blog. can't wait to see more picutres taken by YOU!